Prints of my paintings available for sale


Hello Friends

I’ve made some prints of my artwork, available for sale.

These are all high-resolution 8×10″ prints on photo paper, signed and dated on the back by the artist (me!) and come on a black mat-board with a backing-board (and inside of a clear plastic sleeve), so it’s easy to frame (total size is 11×14″). The total cost of each print (with mat) is $20.  That includes regular USPS mailing costs (as long as you live Stateside – otherwise, we can work out the shipping costs, via email).

Here is a list of the paintings that I have already made prints of; can be sent out immediately (scroll down to the bottom to see images):

  • “Bastet (I’m a Rainbow Too)” (Part of the Sogni d’Oro series)
  • “Flamenco (Portrait of La Tania)”
  • “Cowrie Shell” (Part of the Boricua Sankofa series)
  • “Rastiera!” (Part of the Capoeira series)
  • “Soñando en Flamboyán Puertorriqueño” (Part of the Boricua Sankofa series)
  • “Portrait of Frida Kahlo”
  • “Sardinha e Milagre “(Part of the Capoeira series)
  • “Basquiat’s Crown and His Islands” (Part of the Boricua Sankofa series)

If you are interested in purchasing an original painting, or prints of any of my other paintings (posted in the Gallery section), please contact me directly so we can coordinate.


Again, each print (with mat) is $20. I have added a PayPal link here for easy ordering – please make sure to list the name of the print(s) you would like to purchase, along with your name, email address and snail-mailing address. I will mail your prints out to you as soon as the PayPal payment has cleared, via USPS (unless otherwise arranged).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached directly at: lovebugpr <at> .

Thank you! Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy, healthy and abundant New Year! 

With Love,

Lorie Caval

"Bastet (I'm a Rainbow Too)"
“Bastet (I’m a Rainbow Too)” 2017
“Soñando en Flamboyán Puertorriqueño” 2015.
“Basquiat’s Crown and His Islands” 2015
“Cowrie Shell” 2015
"Flamenco" 20x16, oil on canvas, 2008
“Flamenco” (Portrait of La Tania)


“Sardinha e Milagre” 2015


“Rastiera!” 2015

Portrait of Frida Kahlo
“Portrait of Frida Kahlo” 2006