Below are archived articles from Travesía Artística – a blog I first created while participating in a community arts program in Puerto Rico in 2015 with CCCADI. Through Travesía Artística, I continued documenting my experiences back home in NYC and beyond; writing about artful events, community arts, social justice, DEI, and the Puerto Rican diaspora. Starting in 2022, I will post all new articles on the main page of

Further below, you will also find PDFs of a variety of writing clips, from journal and magazine articles to press releases and bios written for freelance clients.

Travesía Artística “Article on Martorell Published in Exhibition Journal”

Travesía Artística “From Student to Alumni Leadership: AITA”

Travesía Artística “Back in Puerto Rico, Martorell’s Exhibit Grounds Me”

Travesía Artística “Latinx Art curing my pandemic brain-fog”

Travesía Artística “Boricua Sankofa – a series of paintings”

Travesía Artística “The Time is (Always) Now to do the Work – Arts & Anti-Racist Resources”

Travesía Artística “Increasing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at NYC Cultural institutions”

Travesía Artística “Graduation Amidst a Pandemic”

Travesía Artística “Otra Vez! 43rd Annual Three Kings Day Parade!”

Travesía Artística “So GAAN, So Good”

Travesía Artística “2nd Time Around – Openings Art Residency ’19”

Travesía Artística “Radical Art Roundup”

Travesía Artística “El Museo del Barrio’s Three Kings Day Parade!”

Travesía Artística “Newsletter Famous”

Travesía Artística “My Introduction to Social Practice and a growing PoeTREE”

Travesía Artística “Following Up on Art Opening”

Travesía Artística “Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself”

Travesía Artística “Art Everywhere – a Photo Roundup”

Travesía Artística “Art Everywhere – a Photo Roundup”

Travesía Artística “Looking There, From Here”

Travesía Artística “My Experience at the Openings Art Residency in Lake George”

Travesía Artística “My Work in Debtfair at the Whitney Biennial”

Travesía Artística “Cuba Libre!”

Travesía Artística “Il Mio Percorso Artistico – My Artistic Journey – in Italia!”

Travesía Artística “On Being a Volunteer for CCCADI’s Grand Opening Weekend”

Travesía Artística “Boom, change!”

Travesía Artística “Hotter Than July!”

Travesía Artística “Arting Into the Afrofuture”

Travesía Artística “The Art of Justice”

Travesía Artística“I Am The Road”

Travesía Artística “Catching Up on this Artistic Voyage”

Travesía Artística “My Artwork Featured on EVERYTHiNG SOULFuL”

Travesía Artística “I’m a CAUWW Ambassador!”

Travesía Artística “Stumbling Upon EL GRAN TOUR”

Travesía Artística “Art in the City of Dreams”

Travesía Artística “Community Arts and Cultural Equity in Queens”

Travesía Artística “Puerto Ricans, Now En Vogue, in NYC”

Travesía Artística “Making paintings and the Soulful Arts Collective”

Travesía Artística “From New York to Puerto Rico to New York…”

Travesía Artística “CAUWW: The Lost (Classroom) Episodes”

Travesía Artística “The final two days of the CAUWW program in Puerto Rico…”

Travesía Artística “A day in Caguas”

Travesía Artística “Rainy day at Península de Cantera”

Travesía Artística “Santurce Es Ley”

Travesía Artística “El Yunque and Luquillo”

Travesía Artística “A long day in Ponce”

Travesía Artística “My morning coffee”

Travesía Artística “A day in Loiza and Piñones”

Travesía Artística “Class trip to the University of Puerto Rico”

Travesía Artística “So much information…”

Travesía Artística “Antonio Carrión Torruellas / David Zayas”

Travesía Artística “First day of class… And some art”

Travesía Artística “Ready for takeoff!”

Travesía Artística “Community Arts University Without Walls”


Article “Visiting Puerto Rico, Martorell’s Exhibition Grounds,” Exhibition, published by the National Association for Museum Exhibition (NAME) and the American Alliance of Museums, Spring 2022.

Press release written for visual artist Steven Cogle’s exhibit, Blood, Sweat and Paint, 2015. Press release for artist Cogle

Press release written for Cheliki book publishing’s Miami Art Fair Guide, 2015. Press Release for Cheliki Miami Art Fair Guide

Press release for Saphire Lounge nightclub, 2012. Press release for Sapphire Lounge

Bio written for DJ Lord Samir, 2014. Bio for DJ Lord Samir

Blog article from Travesia Artistica (Artistic Voyage), Stumbling Upon El Gran Tour, 2015. Blog article Stumbling on El Gran Tour

Blog article from Travesia Artistica (Artistic Voyage), Puerto Ricans, Now En Vogue in NYC, 2015. Blog article Puerto Ricans, Now En Vogue, in NYC

PAPER Magazine Beautiful People issue, entries on recording artist, Wunmi, and poet, Emanuel Xavier, 1996. PAPER Magazine Beautiful People issue

PAPER Magazine Insomnia nightlife article, 1998. PAPER Magazine, Insomnia nightlife article

PAPER Magazine interview with recording artist, Busta Rhymes, 1996. PAPER Magazine interview with Busta Rhymes

Mia Magazine interview with Hugo Martinez of the Martinez Art Gallery, 1997. Mia Magazine feature, Martinez Gallery

NEXT Magazine interview with French director, Mattheiu Kassovitz, 2001. NEXT Magazine interview with Mattheiu Kassovitz

NEXT Magazine feature on Naked Boys Singing, 2001. NEXT Magazine feature Naked Boys Singing

NEXT Magazine restaurant review on Philip Marie, 2001. NEXT Magazine restaurant review Philip Marie

NEXT Magazine restaurant review on Trust, 2001. NEXT Magazine restaurant review, Trust

Virgin Publishing’s Guidebook to NYC, nightclub section, 1999. Virgin Publishing’s NYC Guidebook, Nightclub section

Kingstreet Recording’s album liner-notes for Mix the Vibe: DJ Frankie Feliciano – Kingstreet Ricanstructed, 2001. Liner notes for Kingstreet CD

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