My Work Included in Openings Paddle8 Auction


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CAVAL Cowrie Shell, 8x10, acrylic on canvas

One of my paintings, “Cowrie Shell,” is featured in the Paddle8 auction, in support of Openings Collective – bidding starts July 15th ending July 29th.

LINK TO AUCTION 🎨 👩🏻‍🎨 @openingsny @paddle8

For over 12 years, Openings has consistently created opportunities to build community among artists and establish creative dialogue through our meet-up events and exhibitions that are inclusive to artists of all backgrounds (International artists, artists of various religions, artists of color, LGBTQ). Our exhibitions also promote artists who, although are not well known in NYC, create compelling bodies of work that deserve recognition. In addition, we organize an annual artist residency at Lake George, NY, that continues to grow in participation by artists from all over who are seeking community.

Artists included in auction: Malin Abrahamsson, Wayne Adams, Robert Aitchison, Alexander Atkinson, Mark Attebery, Zeren Badar, Christina Ballantyne, Julia Whitney Barnes, Sofia Bersanelli, Michael Berube, Mark Brennan, Jenn Cacciola, Kristone Capistrano, Joel Carreiro, Lorie Caval, Joseph Cavalieri, Erin Kyle Danna, Georgia Elrod, Mike Estabrook, Laura K. Frantz, Brooks Frederick, Debra Friedkin, Jeffrey Friedkin, Ashley Garrett, Nancy Gesimondo, Denise Gieseke-Penizzotto, Syd Glasser, Lauren Gohara, Keena Gonzalez, Eric Hibit, Peter Hoffmeister, Ryan Hollaway, Debra Jenks, Yeon Jin Kim, Laura Sue King, Matthew Kirby, Katerina Lanfranco, Bethany Lee, Eric Jiaju Lee, Danny Licul, Loretta Lomanto, Brittany Maldonado, Norma Markley, Joachim Marx,Dave Mishalanie, Maria Negulescu, Maia Nero, Madhini Nirmal, Dionis Ortiz, Oksana Prokopenko, James Razko, Katie Rubright, Arkadiy Ryabin, Frank Sabatté, Anthony Santella, Julia Shangguan, Sleepyfoot?, Eric Strauss, Suzanne Stroebe, Rute Ventura, Margeaux Walter, Brian Wood, Mary Younkin.

Openings is an interdisciplinary artists’ collective that values collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie. As an independent artists’ cooperative, Openings believes critical conversations occur between creativity and transcendence; uniting individuals across cultural and philosophic barriers.