Everything is Coming Together

Dear Friends,

Through the years, I have worked in different industries, a variety on different projects, and made art in different mediums – writing, music, painting, etc. It made sense then that I had a variety of blogs, web pages, and social media pages specific to each focus. Lately, the Venn diagram of my life seems to have converged quite a bit, so I have decided to make changes to my web presence, namely, bringing much of my projects together on this website.

Firstly, I am sort-of retiring my blog, Travesía Artística, where since 2015 I have been writing about my “artistic journey” as it relates to arts, culture, scholarship, cultural equity, “artivism,” and the Puerto Rican diaspora. I have created a page on this site to house the Travesía Artística archive, as well as links to my other writing clips, both old (as far back as the PAPER Magazine days) and new (Exhibition Journal article published in 2022).

Moving forward, I will be utilizing this website to post articles, similar to what I would post on Travesía Artística, as well as information about my art and related projects I am involved in.

“But what about the artwork?” you ask? Since 2021, I have been working in a style quite different from my usual. The new body of work, Untitled, is created with a bright palate of acrylic paints, including neon colors, in an abstract style I would categorize as “spiritual abstraction.” I have added many of these new images to the Art Gallery section.

Additionally, I have recently been hosting Paint & Sip events where folks come to explore their creativity and experience making paintings in a no-pressure environment while sipping on wine. Fun! I initially tried this a whim, but it became much more popular than I had anticipated, so it is on-going, for now. I will use this website to post updates on my Paint & Sip events, too.

Great thanks to everyone who has inspired and supported me on this artistic journey; and to those who have been or become interested in my artwork. If you would like to drop me a line, please find my information on the Contact page, I’d love to hear from you.




NOW is the Future exhibition at Local Project, LIC, NYC. August 1st, 2019.